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How To Sell Test Strips For Cash

Ever heard of someone buying diabetic test strips online in exchange for cash? You may find such a proposition as an awkward one considering that strips are readily available for purchase in drug stores; but then again there actually comes a benefit in selling unused strips that you no longer need because you end up getting cash for it rather than just throw it away or let it run its expiration date. The fact is there really is no rule or law out there that prohibits the sale or purchase of test strips via other avenues aside from drugstores. But then again, this doesn’t include selling already used strips.

If you are contemplating on selling diabetic test strips, we don’t blame you if you have doubts or fears. Anyhow, you just have to realize that it is completely legal to sell diabetic test strips. The reason why there’s really nothing to worry is because it’s an over-the-counter product, implying that you can easily purchase it yourself in drugstores without the need of a prescription.

Anyhow, as any seller does, you will have to be extra careful and wary in terms of choosing who buys test strips. The thing is you should not be too confident in dealing with just anyone online. The most obvious thing you must avoid is having to send your strips to a bogus buyer and end up not getting paid for it. In order to guarantee your payment, you have to put in the extra effort to do some additional research about the people or group you’re planning to sell your strips to. The safest bet is a company or person who has a legitimate business or website.
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If you want additional security, you can even look for buyers that will send out the payment through postage paid mailing label with a U.S. government permit number on it. It is virtually impossible to get such permit number if the business has something bad to hide or is illegitimate.
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In the end, you probably are still confused as to why there are companies or individuals who intend to buy your unused strips and for what reason; well, the truth is they’re also selling it in turn, but not for the purpose of profiting from it, but to help the less fortunate, especially the uninsured diabetic patients who find it hard to afford buying test strips in drug stores sold in very expensive price tags. Therefore, you never should believe people saying to you that buyers of test strips out there are just about the money, because not all of them do it for the sake of profiting. So if you happen to have extra and unused diabetes test strips, sell them to help others who need it more.